From the best-selling author of Awakening and Reflection Mona Van Hove has spent a lifetime trying to let go of her dreams of a man that doesn’t want her. From the moment she saw him, Mona knew that Wade Stalls was the only man for her. Too bad he ran the other way as fast as he could. Wade Stalls took one look at Mona and knew she was the… Read More »

Bali Nights

Do Beach Boys really exist?  They’re said to be hot young surfers who sell their bodies on the sandy shores of Bali—and not to other men, oh no.  Beach Boys specialize in seducing women. According to Kimmy, Beach Boys are not only real, but they’re Bali’s top tourist attraction. And she should know, considering she hired one last time she vacationed there.  How she convinced co-worker Shandra to fly halfway… Read More »

Steel City Secrets – Book Two in the Steel City Nights trilogy

Having left Australia, and a father who doesn’t approve of his sexuality, Daryl Porter has settled into life behind the bar at Steel City. He’s had some strange propositions in the course of his work, but none like the one he receives from Tommy and Louisa Blake. Tommy’s bisexual, and Louisa gets off on watching him with other men, and Daryl is more than happy to accommodate their request for… Read More »

The House Rules

Roommates Shelby, David, and Elliot have always gotten along fabulously, but lately all of those annoying little quirks are rubbing nerves raw. Once Shelby commits the mother of all bad-roommate infractions, the three decide it’s time to come up with a solution or call it quits. Now there are rules and there are consequences for breaking those rules. On the day David tells Shelby that her consequence is to play… Read More »

Bound to the Mistress

The House of Correction is owned by top London dominatrix Mistress Helena. It is where rich masochists stay to receive advanced slave training and become officially ‘collared’. Helena is aided in the maintenance of its strict disciplinary regime by Sylvie and Christopher. Christopher feels uncomfortable in this role, however, as he is essentially submissive. In order to resolve this conflict Helena agrees to his request to become a slave within… Read More »

Protecting His Pack

Lennox Grayling is coping with the challenge of being pack alpha. He’s grown a hard shell since being forced to drive his brother, Logan, into exile, and the only thing that can pierce it is his devotion to his mate and his love for his baby son, Lachlan. Sarah Woods is a vet in the Highland village of Kirkmuir. Having moved there to escape a boyfriend whose behaviour became obsessive… Read More »

The Unexpected Owner

Larry and Bella are preparing for their wedding. Larry is making a name for himself as the legal defender of the BDSM scene, and Rose is content to spend an occasional evening as his Number Two Slave while her bondage devices are launched on the market. But their comfortable ménage is about to be upset by the mysterious Felix Culpa. They know him as the entrepreneur funding Rose’s inventions, but… Read More »

Author Interview with Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens makes his Xcite debut with the novel Dancing on the Edge. A slice of gay romantic suspense set in the world of all-male dance troupes, it mixes pulse-pounding thrills with hot bedroom action and a healthy dash of comic moments. We asked Jack to share some of his writing secrets with us. Xcite: Tell us a little about Dancing on the Edge? Jack: Dancing on the Edge is… Read More »

Songs For Simple Hearts

Troianne is an actress who knows about the pitfalls of professional romances. She is always going weak at the knees for all those beautiful celebrities, both men and women, who she perceives to be more famous than she. So how will she hang on to her heart when she finds herself cast alongside her screen idols, Hollywood heart-throbs, and dashing new young actors – all looking fabulous in period costume… Read More »

Author Interview With Victoria Blisse

Victoria Blisse writes raunchy romances with Rubenesque heroines who are never afraid to explore their naughtiest fantasies. Her latest Xcite novel, Really Cooking, is definitely not your standard ménage story. We asked her to tell us more… Xcite: Tell us a little about Really Cooking? Victoria: Really Cooking is a ménage novel with a focus on the kitchen not the bedroom. If you love food and sexy men then this… Read More »