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WOW!!!! 5 star Amazon review for Stately Pleasures by @LucyFelthouse

I loved every single minute of this book and I know most people don’t put things like this but I sooo wish I was Alice I mean come on wot women wouldn’t , great book Lucy keep up the good work xxx  

Taking Flight

Tabitha Rayne has excelled in my opinion. Her “A Clockwork Butterfly” was the second erotica book I ever read and after reading that I wanted more. This is a prequel to that book and contains slightly different characters. I was nervous when I noticed a character from “A Clockwork Butterfly” that I disliked that it would ruin the enjoyment of the book from then on. Fortunately that wasn’t the case.… Read More »

The Best of Kay Jaybee

Oh my goodness, each of these perfectly titled tales is as tightly woven as a mummy’s bandages. Unwrap them, one at a time, and prepare to be enthralled by exceptional, erotic storytelling in a wide variety of fresh, sexy, absorbing stories. Who knew that an everyday item such as a shirt could be so beautifully tender and sensual? Kay examines fabric and memory in perfect expressive language. In ‘Bastet’, my… Read More »

Gooseflesh Abbey

There’s so much vampire erotica around and it all takes itself so seriously. It’s refreshing to find something in the comic vein like Gooseflesh Abbey. It’s so funny – a send-up of the loathsome Victorian sentiment of Bram Stoker – and yet so arousing; a kind of erotic melodrama. The characters are also distinct and well-drawn, and the sex scenes are varied and really hot. The bondage scene near the… Read More »


I read this book twice already since I bought it. It’s just that good. (It’s also only about 50+ pages, so it’s pretty short.) It’s one of those novellas that feels rather timeless. You don’t really know how old anyone is, what they do, what they look like or where they belong outside this one snapshot of time. But they’re real people that could fit in as anyone. Mallory is… Read More »

The Magi’s Daughter – Book Two in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

This second installment of the The Prophecy Girl Trilogy is a much stronger showing by Danielle Austen. The author has clearly worked on her technique and style and learned valuable lessons from writing the first book. There is a tighter and stronger storyline which combined with less frequent but fully pertinent sexy scenes place this work solidly in the erotic romance genre. Characters introduced in the earlier book are developed… Read More »

The Perfect Submissive – An erotic novel

I have read a few BDSM novels and they are always either very hardcore, yet soulless and shallow; or have depth, but no real kink. This is the best of both, the scenes are racy and inventive and the story interesting without being ridiculous. I think the author is clearly very smart, very creative and lots of fun to read. I will be keeping an eye out for her other… Read More »


I am fast becoming a fan of this author. This book has a good story line and it very hot and steamy throughout. Definitely designed to get the reader hot under the collar. – RaspberryRipple Xcite Books – New Reviews

Contraband Kisses

Nineteenth century Wales, with it’s hidden coves and windswept beaches makes the perfect backdrop for this romantic story between bad boy Jac and Rebecca, already betrothed to a man she can never love. Jac and Rebecca’s journey is peppered with danger and passion making it a great evening read. – Claire McComisky Xcite Books – New Reviews

Gracefully Aroused: The Best of KD Grace

Gracefully Aroused by K.D. Grace is very arousing indeed!She has chosen many short stories that are all incredible and sexy as Hell. Each story brings you something new and exciting.I had some wonderful dreams for two nights straight after reading this book.She does not disappoint! This book is HOTT! I love KD’s dirty mind. ;)I am so ready for the next installment… – debi3303 Xcite Books – New Reviews