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Three in a Bed by Monica Belle #XciteMustReads

Alright, come on, admit it – who hasn’t fantasised about a three in a bed romp at some time or another. And if you’ve ever been lucky enough to have taken part and enjoyed it, so much the better. But for those who have thought about it but never taken the plunge this superb full length novel from one of Xcite’s leading stable of excellent writers provides the opportunity to… Read More »

All Of Me

I really enjoyed this book. I am not really one for reading stories about older women/younger men, but this book just had me by the heart and wouldn’t let me go. This book goes so much deeper than just an erotic love story. Two people trying to over-come many obstacles to find themselves and to let go and have an honest relationship – I am a book addict Xcite Books… Read More »

Kama Xcitra – A sexual position guide with 3D hologram technology

HOT HOT HOT! This kama sutra book is unique, in that you can use a mobile app to view the pictures in a 3D hologram. The app is compatible with IOS (iphone, ipad and ipod) and android technology. The book is informative and fun to flick through. I would be happy to give this book to friends as a funny birthday present or even for a friend on her hen… Read More »


I really enjoyed this book. It is catchy from the first page. Who would have thought that a man with so much sexuality could have the issues he had. I felt bad for him but also enjoyed how much he played his game without really playing anyone. It sounds weird, but I don’t want to give the plot away. I think when you start and go through the chapters, you… Read More »

Good News Tuesday!

This week’s Good News Tuesday is packed with reviews!   The Brat and the Master by Aisling Morgan Jade magazine gave this hot story a rare 5 stars! “Set in the world of London’s fetish and sadomasochism set, where love goes hand in hand with cruelty and obsession. Explore with the “master” and his “brat” the darker side of London and human sexuality. Hot and painful to the end!”  … Read More »

Good News Tuesday

It’s Good News Tuesday again and we’ve got more fantastic reviews to share. Kay Jaybee’s The Voyeur A 5* review from Sapphire Kande. “I can honestly say that this book is totally thought out and original. I’ve never heard of a plot like this before and major kudos to Miss Kay for writing it out so well! It was a sure page turner that kept me reading until the final… Read More »

5 star review for Restless Spirit by @SommerMarsden on @Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people.

Sommer Loving – Reviewed by RedCheeks, a Married Bisexual Female Having mainly read compilations of short stories in my experience with erotica, I was both excited to be reading a full length erotic novel and curious as to whether it would be able to hold my attention after my years of reading of short erotic stories. Restless Spirit, written by Sommer Marsden is just under two hundred and fifty pages… Read More »

Fancy an office fling?! 5 star review for Sex at Work on @Lovehoney

Sex at Work – Reviewed by Pixie_Murree, a Going Steady Straight Female I have wanted to read this book for a while now. The idea of sex at work appeals to my naughty side (although I have never done it)! This book didn’t disappoint me at all. The book has 20 stories about sex at work and every one is completely different. I was imagining it to be all office-based but… Read More »

5 Star review on @Lovehoney – Seriously hot stuff – for Indecent Proposals from @XciteBooks

5 Star review on Lovehoney – Seriously hot stuff Reviewed: 23 Sep 2011 by creativewriter1985, a Going Steady Straight Female As Indecent Proposals contains stories from twenty erotic authors, including popular writers Landon Dixon, Giselle Renarde, Ray Cluley, Eva Hore and Sommer Marsden, I was expecting some seriously hot stuff. I definitely got it. The thing that first struck me about the book when I’d read a couple of the… Read More »

“Wonderfully naughty!” – 5 star review for The Initiations of Ms Holly by @KD_Grace – available on #Nook

Wonderfuly naughty! 5 star review on Barnes & Noble This will keep your attention the whole way through. I picked this after ready the 50 shaded books. It did not dissapoint and may have in fact been naughtier. CLICK HERE for more information.