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It’s that time again! #HumpDay #KindleFreebies :)

Happy #HumpDay! We’re so pleased to hear that you guys are really enjoying our Hump Day freebies! This week we’re giving away a new release and some of our favourite collections. Happy reading! New Release: Educated by Elizabeth by Alcamia Payne. When newlyweds Lila and Clive move to Manhattan they know no one, and with Clive off to work five days a week in the powerful world of banking Lila is… Read More »

Happy #HumpDay! #KindleFreebies for all!

Happy Hump day fellow sexy readers! You’re at the peak of the week – and if that doesn’t satisfy you maybe these books will…   New Releases: Digging Deep by Kay Jaybee. The novella follows Dr Beth Andrews on her first archaeological dig in an ancient Roman city with the impossibly sexy American archaeologist Dr Harrisson Harris. Fellow Xcite author Lucy Felthouse said  “I read this book in about two sittings, I was that hooked. I absolutely loved … Read More »

#HumpDay Free Reads!

Happy #HumpDay! We’re back with another round of sexy free reads for the week, ranging from great new releases to hot BDSM and spanking and back to the sweet and romantic. New Releases:  The Magi’s Daughter, book two in the Prophecy Girl trilogy, from Danielle Austen, takes place twenty years after the events of the first book. Lindsey now lives in Italy with her husband and daughter and they must… Read More »

Happy Hump Day! #KindleFreebie

Happy Hump Day all! This week we’re offering some fantastic titles as Kindle freebies from today until Sunday 5th May. New Releases:  The Taming of Jessica by Elizabeth Coldwell, where on the beautiful island of Isla Barada, a husband teaches his cheating wife Jessica how to be the submissive he knows lies inside her. Enter Jason Raynes, a sexy dominant stranger who may just give  Jessica’s husband some stiff competition.  … Read More »

Orgasms in the Observatory – Book Two in the Rock My Socks Off Trilogy #KindleFreebie

  Free on Kindle 24-28 April With enigmatic but deeply passionate photographer Susan along for the next phase of their wild rocking-horse ride, Normandie and Jacob navigate escalating academic imbroglios and persisting museum entanglements. All the while, they indulge in a continuing progression of inventive erotic romps, taking plenty of pleasure at every turn as they fumble their way toward fame. Reviews: “A blisteringly good read. From the opening lines… Read More »

The Art of Submissive Survival – Book Two in The Perfect Submissive Trilogy #KindleFreebie

  Free on Kindle 24-28 Apr 2013 “If you like to read ultra-kinky, smart erotica, then this book’s for you.” –Oysters & Chocolate Readers, hold on… it’s a crazy ride. If you like your erotica dark and dirty, then this is the book for you. –The Romance Reviews Under the tutelage of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess is learning to cope with her unexpected training schedule as a new member… Read More »

The Secret Life of Pets – Book Two in The Pet Shop Trilogy by @KD_Grace #KindleFreebie

Free on Kindle 24-28 April Book Two in the Pet Shop Trilogy by K D Grace. Obsessed with finding out about Tino and his connection with Vincent Evanston, Stella enters the secret world of the Pet Shop in the only way possible, by becoming a Pet herself. As her animal lust awakens, Stella discovers the delicious crossover of the world of Pets and Keepers when Vincent takes her home as… Read More »

Mistress Severity from Alex Jordaine #KindleFreebie

Alex Jordaine’s Mistress series has a new addition, with Mistress Severity free on Amazon from 17th – 21st April. “Mistress Katya has banished her second-in-command, Justine, to a remote dungeon, although why she’s done this is a mystery. Slave Tim and aspiring dominatrix Charlotte both try to find out the answer and incur Katya’s wrath for their troubles. Justine knows the answer but she’s not telling. She’s determined not to… Read More »

Freebie: In Anyone Else’s Shoes

  Free on Kindle: 10th – 14th April At 34, Emma Green has had enough – enough of her unchallenging job, her erratic, frustrating sex life, and her best friend, full-time sex junkie Alyssa. Emma is ready for a makeover, and she’s about to get it. Her employer, Untamed Soles, a chain of trendy women’s shoe stores, has just hired a new Regional Vice President, Jason Eastman. Jason is smart,… Read More »

Watchers by Jodie Johnson-Smith, #KindleFreebie

  Watchers, the fantastic new book by Jodie Johnson-Smith is free on Amazon starting today until Sunday 14th April. When Maria discovers that her work-shy, car-mad husband Ken has befriended a girl called Suzy and is offering her employment she is stunned. What’s more, the waitressing jobs Suzy is doing are turning into explicit party acts and the demand for them is increasing. Maria needs to know what is going… Read More »