Devotion – The Perfect Slave Trilogy – Book One

By | December 27, 2012

Devotion – Book one in The Perfect Slave trilogy. A powerful contemporary gay erotic love story, with BDSM, historical and paranormal sub-themes

When Tristan meets grand BDSM master Astor, he’s catapulted into an elite, clandestine world of seductive desire and power – an ancient system of servitude whose goal is sexual Nirvana.

As Astor struggles to resurrect a crumbling network of corrupt masters, he attempts to groom Tristan as the perfect slave. However Tristan’s fallen in love with him and Astor once stung by love will never love again.


Willingly trapped in a world of rapturous intrigue, adventure and sexual experimentation Tristan fights to dispel his master’s inner demons and prove that love can conquer all, whilst becoming entangled in Astor’s obsession to trace his shady heritage back to The Crusades and its mysterious birth.

About the Author.

#1 bestseller of romantic, paranormal and historical erotica, Alcamia is acclaimed for her spirited and imaginative writing voice. Devotion is the much awaited first novel in ‘The Perfect Slave,’ trilogy.

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