Kindle Kink: Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens by Giselle Renarde. Review by Lucy Felthouse

By | February 4, 2012

Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens In this modern and kinky retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ tale Faithful John, Giselle Renarde gives us a real treat. When the queen is on her death bed, she tells her devoted servant, Faithful John, that he must teach her son the ways of the dungeons – which in this instance are the BDSM kind, not the typical castle kind. At the same time, he must keep the new king away from Mistress Mei, who carries a dangerous curse that the queen doesn’t want her son involved with.

Faithful John does his best, but the new king is stubborn, and he meets and adores Mistress Mei. Very soon he asks for her hand in marriage, which Mei accepts, despite knowing about the curse and what it means for her. Faithful John, in an act of utter selflessness, sees a way for the two young people to be together –  but will it cost him his life?

Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens is a fun, clever and sexy fairy tale retelling. I enjoyed the character perspectives, the way the tale was told and how it played out. Another good read from the creative and talented Giselle Renarde.

Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens

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