Elemental Fire – Lakeland Heatwave Series

By | May 2, 2013

Each book has been a quite different read but each having strong main characters binding all the three books together!
The 3 books are set in the stunning setting of the lake district, an area I know well; so I can relate even more to the books. From reading the first book of the trilogy Body temperature Rising we get to know and love the main characters from the elemental covern, they are all bonded with a huge sense of loyalty to each other which we see grow within the three books.
Deacon the demon manages to intertwine his evil throughout the 3 books in different ways with different members of the covern; with an end to walk the earth in flesh by using the covern in anyway he can and not allowing anyone to get in his way. They gain their power from sexmagic which is hot, hot, hot and in every shape and form, essential of course to enter the ether a parallel world to try and stop Deacon.

I loved how KD has made him even more creepy in Elemental Fire as he manages to get into their heads, into their dreams, twisting their views and perceptions of what\’s real and what isn\’t; a modern day sand man, this would make the most amazing film.
I found myself really enjoying the growing relationship between Tara and Kennet despite their reservations with each other, they are powerfully strong characters that were amazing to follow. Its a parallel love, lust and distrust story running alongside hunting Deacon. Lucia the fire demon throws a spanner in the works a brilliant addition in this last novel.

This final saga, is an action packed race against time as the members of Elemental Covern plan his demise….again! You will be glued to your pixel pages.

If you haven\’t read the other two books dont worry as its a separate plot in itself but by reading the trilogy in order; you may enjoy the finale so much more as you would know how far these great characters have come to get to this point.
A brilliant finale to the Heatwave trilogy, KD has a fantastic knack of pulling you into the pages themselves offering an exciting mixture of the paranormal, witches, demons and the power they create using sex magic which is completely believable….just another day at the office!
A dramatic, heart pounding, fast paced ending with a twist…of course..its KD afterall! It also made me laugh…what a breakfast…. nope Im not telling you, you need to read it! Im now gutted its finished and Ive loved each character and would love more about elemental cottage….it cant be the end….can it..?

– Midnight Boudoir
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