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By | May 11, 2013

Sex at Work from Xcite BooksSex at Work – Reviewed by Pixie_Murree, a Going Steady Straight Female

I have wanted to read this book for a while now. The idea of sex at work appeals to my naughty side (although I have never done it)! This book didn’t disappoint me at all.

The book has 20 stories about sex at work and every one is completely different. I was imagining it to be all office-based but there were so many different settings it never got boring. They even span the ages, with some set in the 18th and 19th century which I found made a nice change.

When I read erotic fiction I like to be able to imagine the situations happening to me, which with this book I really could. The stories are mostly set from a female’s point of view but there are some from a male point of view too – the one set in a piercing shop was a particularly good example of this.

Overall, my favourite one was ‘On the lookout’. This has a really different storyline which I would have never thought of and a brilliant twist at the end.

I think the idea of 20 short stories in a book has is upsides and downsides. The upside is you can read a whole story really quickly and this is great if you have little time to read. But on the downside sometimes you find a story you really like and I personally really wish it would go on more in-depth.

Would I recommend this book – hell yeah, brilliant read with something for everyone.

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Will I continue to buy short story books by this company? Yes I will. The company seems to combine stories from some excellent writers and this gives you a chance to discover those writers you really like and then if you want you can hunt for more full-length works from them.



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