Girl Trade

By | August 4, 2012

There is thanks to EL James and her Shades of Grey books a new erotica and Chloe Thurlow is up there with her as one of the best in the genre. Without stretching the comparison too far, like Ms James, Ms Thurlow writes romantic stories with an erotic twist and lots of surprises. We are drawn by the characters and plot, the sexual interludes coming as a natural development of the narrative, not stuck in every three pages just for the sake of it.

All stories are about change. Girl Trade is no different. We begin with Emily alone on the beach in the Canary Islands sunbathing naked. When she goes to swim, she sees a speck of rock in the distance and decides to get some exercise and reach it. The rock is further than it appears and suddenly, beyond the halfway mark, she has a choice: to return immediately, or continue and rest for a while before going back. She has left the known world and will arrive at a new world like a newborn: naked, penniless, the future a mystery.

The speck of rock is a small island. There she meets the Sheik, a people smuggler, and, though she has the chance to return and begin her old life, she travels with him on an old sailing boat along the coast of Africa and, eventually, to his harem, where she learns the art of erotic love. Torn away by the Sheik’s father, she is carried across the Sahara by camel with slave traders and sold at a slave market in Timbuktu. Emily survives because she believes the Sheik loves her and will come to save her before she is sacrificed in a black magic ritual that is one of the most tense passages I have ever read.

Trade Girl is a great adventure with moving descriptions and erotic encounters that will keep you up burning the midnight oil as you turn the pages. Can’t wait to read the next one.

– Kim Roper

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