Good News Tuesday

By | May 14, 2013

It’s Good News Tuesday again and we’ve got more fantastic reviews to share.

9781908917867_FCKay Jaybee’s The Voyeur

A 5* review from Sapphire Kande. “I can honestly say that this book is totally thought out and original. I’ve never heard of a plot like this before and major kudos to Miss Kay for writing it out so well! It was a sure page turner that kept me reading until the final page. The main female characters Anya and Clara both had incredible detailed history/back-story making this story far more interesting. Their hard boss/master Mark puts them through unbearable tasks to fulfill his own fantasies… but they pass with flying colors.” Read more of Sapphire’s review here.

Another 5* review comes from the fantastically named Amazon reviewer Old Dog New Tricks who describes The Voyeur as “A richly dark erotic thriller which keeps you gripped from it’s sexually charged start and through its twist and turns along the way. Kay Jaybee keeps you enthralled as  the girls sexual challenges get packed with more eroticism the harder they get and make you start to question whether you want the girls to succeed or not – without knowing the full details and implications. The Voyeur has you flirting between tension and pleasure until the final climax.”

9781908086860_FCKay Jaybee’s The Perfect Submissive

Kay Jaybee’s the Perfect Submissive “This book was so HOT it could have spontaneously combusted!” says reviewer Miss Lily Hastings. “The novella brilliantly tells the tale of the Fables Hotel through the minds and story of the main characters, Jess, Mrs Laura Peters and Sam… Mrs Peters, a masterful Dominant introduces Jess to the top floor of the hotel comprising of a series of five rooms each offering a unique BDSM experience including the mysterious Room 54 ~ each with their own dark secrets once the door closes behind the occupants.

If you like your erotica overflowing with kink, fetish with dark and satisfying sprinkles which leave you squirming in your seat then you won’t be disappointed!”

Read the rest of Miss Lily Hasting’s review here.


Nymphomania1Kyoko Church’s Nymphomania

Reviewed by the fantastic Miss Anna Key from Nudge Wink Wink, she says “When Lillianne is found masturbating, she is diagnosed with nymphomania… Left no other choice Ewan calls his friend, Dr. Philip Samms, who devotes his time to studying Lillianne’s condition. More and more fascinated by Lillianne’s sexual abandonment and responsiveness to various stimuli, he is growing more wicked and less professional with each passing ‘session’, in the same time keeping Ewan blissfully unaware of his ministrations. From a beautiful and passionate woman Lillianne is degraded into a study object, spread-eagled and manacled, told to hold off her natural reactions while the ‘good’ doctor masturbates her into blissful ecstasy…

This combination of Lillianne’s emotional torment, Samms’s wickedness, and Ewan’s lack of response and ignorance creates an emotionally tormenting concoction and a powerful read. Highly recommended. For now, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the instalments in The Draper Estate trilogy. Read the rest of Miss Anna Key’s review here.

Nymphomania also received a 5* review from from Xcite favourite K. D. Grace who said: “This is beautifully written historical erotica that I found a gripping read from fast paced beginning to end. It was full of twists and turns I hadn’t expected, which was very refreshing. I’m looking forward to book two, and will be keeping my eyes open for more from Ms Church.” Read the rest here.

IDENTITY FINALGrace Marshall’s Identity Crisis

Secret identities, enemies turned to lovers and an obsessed stalker – a must read. Ms. Marshall is a new to me author. The blurb of this book immediately caught my attention. This trope while rare, is one I’ve come across before. This one is by far the best one I’ve read. A man writing romance under a female’s pen name is delightful. Garrett Thorne easily keeps up the facade of a wastrel riding his successful brother’s coat tails. It keeps him hidden, gives him space to observer others and writing hot desirable romance stories. Surprisingly, Garrett is a romantic looking for his own happily ever after.

It’s a well written story which keeps a reader’s attention from beginning to end. This romantic suspense novel is recommended to hopeless romantics who know love triumphs over all.

Read the rest of La Crimson Femme’s review here.



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