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By | July 17, 2013

Get Abigail’s Abandon FREE on Kindle this week only, courtesy of the seriously sexy Leigh Turner.

Abigail's Abandon by Leigh TurnerDo women have time for a mid-life crisis? The recent actions of Abbie’s husband in that vein seemed to have propelled her into one of her own, however much she  wished that her world hadn’t been turned upside down. The sojourn in the south  of France was just what she needed. Time to think, time to indulge in the type  of pleasures she had never even contemplated before. When Keith took her to meet  Catherine and her associates, they were to stay only a week or so. But the  perverse dramas enacted during that short stay at the beautiful former model’s  villa would ensure that Abbie’s future would be re-mapped irrevocably…

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