Happy #HumpDay! #KindleFreebies for all!

By | May 15, 2013

Happy Hump day fellow sexy readers! You’re at the peak of the week – and if that doesn’t satisfy you maybe these books will…


New Releases:

9781909520394_FCDigging Deep by Kay Jaybee. The novella follows Dr Beth Andrews on her first archaeological dig in an ancient Roman city with the impossibly sexy American archaeologist Dr Harrisson Harris. Fellow Xcite author Lucy Felthouse said  “I read this book in about two sittings, I was that hooked. I absolutely loved  the historical aspect, the insight into what happens on archaeological sites and the humour thrown in here and there. The storyline is interesting, the characters ones you can engage and identify with and the erotic and romantic parts are very satisfying.” Reviewer Vanessa Wu gives this book a fantastic 5 stars.


9781909624511_FCA Pinch of Spice by Alcamia Payne follows voluptuous Victorian heiress Eliza Pinch who runs a private club giving advice to sexually liberated women. She gets off on dominating handsome stud Emile, but he soon turns the tables on her and the two begin to fall in love.




And following on from last week:

Dressed to Thrill volume fiveDressed to Thrill volume 5:

In Clean-up in Aisle Five Justin and his supermarket sweetheart finally reveal their feelings for one another after months of temptation. And then in Nights in Black Satin a sexy French maid’s costume begins a night of fun for three lovers they’ll never forget. While in Exemplary Employee handsome Swedish masseuse Sven adapts his standard technique a little with pleasing results.

Dressed to Thrill volume sixDressed to Thrill volume 6:

The Arresting Officer follows tree hugging Imogen stepping in front of bulldozers, only to be saved by her old flame turned police officer Jason. How ever can she repay him? In Solitary Confinement a soon to be released prisoner tempts her prison guard into a very different kind of release. And in End of the Line the last passenger on a tram home gets the ride of her life with beautiful driver Stella.


Curve Lovers Volume 5Curve Lovers volume 5:

A Christmas wish comes true in A Lucky Man, and in The Beautiful Move in Curves the lovely Kevin helps satisfy Oliva before sending her off to a sci-fi convention to meet her new flame. While in Chocolate Lover joins one very chocoholic and rampant cockoholic as her husband brings her the perfect birthday gift.


Curve Lovers Volume 6Curve Lovers volume 6:
Two for One joins two women as they show playboy Craig how to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.
Workout follows Julia as she learns how pleasing a professional workout can really be.
While in Painted Lady artist Patrick impresses the sensually curvy Victoria with his strokes in more than one way.


Hot Cheeks vol ThreeHot Cheeks volume 3:

In Bitch a chance meeting at an art gallery leaves a narcissistic woman on her knees and begging for more. And in Paying for It a man who makes his living being a professional spanker goes out of his way to convince Kat why he is worth every penny. In It’s All Jenna Jameson’s Fault an exhibitionist stripper gets into trouble with her manager for breaking house rules.

Hot Cheeks vol FourHot Cheeks volume 4:

In Spend or Save a shopaholic needs setting straight when her boyfriend catches her indulging in her habit. While in Red, the arrogant Blake Cooper is taken down a few pegs by his co-worker. And finally, in The Corporal’s Punishment a woman disguising herself as a soldier during the American Civil War is found out and must be punished by her leader.


Sexy Situations Volume ThreeSexy Situations volume 3:
In The Back Seat Barb flirts outrageously with her brother in law as he helps her move house. In His German Night Freddie and busty blonde Angelika play a game of cards is the first of many games they play that night. And in  You Get What You Pay follows a husband and wife on a hunt to enact his fantasy of her being a slutty prostitute.


Sexy Situations Volume FourSexy Situations volume 4:

Politically Incorrect follows a man and his two friends on a quest to satisfy his wife. In Three we meet Angie and her live in lover Chris as they put up an old friend for the night.  While in The Match a tough girl meets her match in a fellow shooting enthusiast.


Sexy Valentine V3Sexy Valentine Stories volume 3:

In Crush a sexy model wants to impress her boss while in A Weekend Retreat four old friends meet for a weekend of passion in the country. Better Than Chocolate follows Aaron as he gives his girlfriend a Valentine’s threeway she’ll never forget.


Sexy Valentine V4Sexy Valentine Stories volume 4:

Dr Charm follows Georgia who, after a meeting with a fortune teller who tells her she’s going to marry a handsome doctor, is then introduced to the impossibly charming Doctor Daniels. In Shot to the Heart Oliver makes his girlfriend Nikki the star of a dressing room show when she tries on some sexy lingerie. And in Served, on Wheels a sexy waitress puts on a Valentines show for hungry guests.




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