Interview With Elizabeth Cage

By | February 6, 2014

The best of Elizabeth CageWe love to snuggle up with a collection of sexy short stories, and over the years Elizabeth Cage has provided some of the hottest and spiciest for our Xcite anthologies. Now, they’ve have been brought together in The Best Of Elizabeth Cage, along with some new stories written specially for the book. Elizabeth tells us about her favourites and the naughty experiences that inspired them.

Xcite: Tell us a little about The Best of Elizabeth Cage, in particular the stories which are appearing in this collection for the first time?

Elizabeth: The stories reflect a seven-year relationship with Xcite, and most are fairly light-hearted, as I do enjoy combining sexy scenarios with humour, but a few are bittersweet. For instance, the newest and previously unpublished Precious Orchids started out as a fun piece about a woman playing a trick on her partner, but it ended up being a lot more serious than I had planned. I wrote Ice Cream after a holiday in Iceland and a glacial walk with a masterful guide made me think, “What if?” Rapunzel was inspired by an erotic story a lover told me once about sensually washing and brushing his girlfriend’s hair. I just added a kinky twist!

Xcite: Where do you find the inspiration for your short stories?

Elizabeth: I base a lot of the situations I write about on actual experiences, and enjoy creating characters who are realistic and injecting humour into the stories, which can be quite quirky.

Xcite: The stories in the collection cover many different genres, including BDSM, ménage and girl on girl, but which do you find most enjoyable to write and why?

Elizabeth: I do enjoy writing BDSM stories, as this aligns most closely with my own sexual preferences. And I also have fun writing about ménage, especially MMF, drawing on my experiences of some very raunchy encounters!

Xcite: Which is your favourite short story in the collection?

Quite a few, actually! Because they span a period of time, some of the stories can trigger nostalgic memories. Eat Me was the first proper erotic story I did, and Road Rage was a lot of fun to write. After the Funeral resulted from a heavenly bondage experience at a party. Peacocks, Nightcap and Ice Cream were inspired by holidays.

Xcite: Have you ever considered writing a novel, and if so, how do you think the writing process would differ from producing short stories?

Elizabeth: Yes, I have considered this and have several outlines and ideas to pursue. I think the challenge is to sustain the reader’s interest in the characters and situations they encounter. I really admire writers who successfully pull this off, so to speak!

Xcite: What are you reading at the moment?

Elizabeth: Lots – both on my Kindle and physical books, but mainly non-fiction, as I love to learn new things. For example, I’ve just started Chemistry for Dummies and Physics for Dummies! Fiction titles on the go include Life of Pi and The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.

You can find Elizabeth on her website, Facebook, Goodreads and Pinterest. The Best Of Elizabeth Cage is available from Amazon and Xcite.



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