Interview with Xcite Books author Maxim Jakubowski

By | February 18, 2012
Interview with Xcite Books author Maxim Jakubowski

Ekaterina and the Night What is the title of your latest book with Xcite? Ekaterina and the Night

When and why did you first start writing erotica?

In earnest 20 years or so ago, but in truth there were erotic elements in everything I wrote from an early age, even in my science fiction and crime writing

Where do you find your inspiration for your stories?

Everywhere and nowhere. Life, books, films, the dirty corners of my imagination.

Do you write in other genres? If so – what are is your most popular or latest book?

Also write crime fiction and non fiction. Last book is  Following the Detectives: Real Locations in Crime Fiction (New Holland Press)

Do you have any other jobs as well as writing?


How do your friends and family feel about you writing erotica?

Some are accepting, some are uneasy, my own children don’t read it!

How do you enjoy reading erotica? Are you a paperback, ebook or audio book lover?

Exclusively in book form

Xcite Books have launched a new awards program this year. Do you think this was a good idea? Why?

Uncertain; a bit obvious

Ebooks have made a big impact in the last few years and it has now become very easy for authors to self-publish. Why do you prefer to be published by Xcite Books?

Prefer Ebooks as an addition to the print edition, or for smaller size collections regrouping stories out already in diverse print locations

How much has the internet helped you reach your readers? Do you enjoy social networking? How can people find you on Facebook and Twitter etc?

Has proven very useful, particularly when editing anthologies. Can be found on Facebook.

What do you feel has been your greatest achievement to date?

To have managed to publish so much erotica and seen the genre progress since I fist edited the initial Mammoth Book of Erotica

What would you like to have achieved in 5 years time? What are you doing to help you achieve it?

To keep on writing and hopefully squeeze a few more novels out of my sometimes faltering imagination

If you could have a fantasy dream date who would it be with and what would you do together?

Every film actress or female writer I’ve ever had a crush on and then discretion becomes the better part of valour

Where is the most unusual place you have had sex?

In a certain open air location which was anything but private

What is your favourite joke?

I never remember jokes!

What keeps you awake at night?

The traffic on the road outside and my fervent dream imagination and the surge of bittersweet memories

Where is your dream holiday destination? Have you been there yet?

If it’s a dream, then I’ve not been there yet, but have so far achieved to visit most continents and tropical islands and places

In what television show would you most like to be a cast member? Why?

It would have to be a film as TV is so restrictive, so make it THE GREAT GATSBY, although not the forthcoming 3D version!

Who is your favourite celebrity? Why?

Am totally unaffected by celebrity. Beauty, yes, but there are too many beautiful women to write of here!

What is your favourite food or recipe?

Anything with seafood

Please add anything here you would like included in the interview.

Keep on buying my books

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