It’s that time again! #HumpDay #KindleFreebies :)

By | May 22, 2013

Happy #HumpDay! We’re so pleased to hear that you guys are really enjoying our Hump Day freebies! This week we’re giving away a new release and some of our favourite collections. Happy reading!

New Release:

9781909624610_FCEducated by Elizabeth by Alcamia Payne. When newlyweds Lila and Clive move to Manhattan they know no one, and with Clive off to work five days a week in the powerful world of banking Lila is left home  alone to amuse herself. Home alone until she meets her new landlady, Elizabeth, and suddenly the sheltered young housewife is opened to a new world of control, desire, and submission.





Xcite Favourites:

Sexcapades in the StudioSexcapades in the Studio by Jeremy Edwards.

Jacob, Normandie, Susan, and obtuse clubber Brandon descend on Hollywood as their erotocomedic adventure nears its climax. Whether frolicking between the sheets in their hotel room or cavorting amid the bustle of a television studio, the slippery scientists continue to prove they’re as serious about luscious sex as they are ridiculous about everything else

Oysters & Chocolate Erotic Reviews says: “What makes this book truly special … is the raucous sense of humor upon which the sex is buoyed…. There is not a cliché to be found in the entire novel and, when it comes to erotica, that alone is quite a feat.”

THE TAMINGThe Taming, book 3 in the Pet Shop trilogy by K. D. Grace.
Reclusive philanthropist, Vincent Evanston had told Stella James she can have Vincent or she can have Tino, the Pet, but she can’t have both. The problem is Stella wants both. As the complications of wanting both sides of a man who can’t allow himself to be whole mount, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences.

“WOW! The Pet Shop was such an unexpected and mind blowing read that not only have I gobbled it up in no time but it shot straight to my Top Reads of 2011 list!” – The Forbidden Bookshelf


Room 54Room 54, Book 3 in The Perfect Submissive trilogy by Kay Jaybee

Facing more painfully kinky challenges every day, Jess enters the final stages of her on-the-job training. Along with the artist, Sam Wheeler, who is now firmly under Mrs Peter’s control, Jess finds herself taking part in a competition to see if she is worthy of her position amongst the fifth floor staff. In the process, she and Sam will finally discover what has been hidden behind the locked door of Room 54. Jess will need to draw on everything she has learnt at the hands of Miss Sarah and Mrs Peters, if she is truly to become the perfect submissive…

“Readers, hold on… it’s a crazy ride. If you like your erotica dark and dirty, then this is the book for you.” – The Romance Reviews


Xcite Collections:

Sexy BDSM Collaring Stories V1Sexy BDSM Collaring stories volume 1
A Special Kind Pet Ryan and Tiffany are looking for a new house pet. In Behind the Blue Door Dean, a curious submissive, wants to know what lays behind the big blue door that Mistress Sapphire has forbidden him from exploring. And in Thank God It’s Friday the usual positions of Mistress and Slave are reversed for a husband and wife.


Sexy BDSM Collaring Stories V2Sexy BDSM Collaring stories volume 2

Dancing in the Moonlight a public outdoor punishment provides pleasure for all involved. While in The Appointment Nick and John dare each other to visit a dominatrix, who pushes their relationship to a level they never though possible. And in Last Slave Standing Jay and two other handsome male slaves attend a party to christen a new dungeon.



And Following on from last week:

Hot Cheeks vol FiveHot Cheeks volume 5
In The Happiest Days a prim and proper school teacher gets a spanking. While in Pat-a-Cake a girl with sensitive hands gets quite the shock when she realises she enjoys giving spankings. In Reading Between the Lines a struggling book shop owner gets a proposition she can’t refuse.


Hot Cheeks vol SixHot Cheeks volume 6
Spanker’s Justice follows army office Olivia, who has been consorting with the male soldiers and now needs to be punished. While in From Wanting to Wanton a shy PhD student gets a new lease of life when she starts reading some erotic stories that were originally meant to help with her thesis, not her sex life. And in Butt in a Sling we meet a sexy Filipino girl with a penchant for anal who wants to help the Americans in any way she can.


Sexy Situations Volume FiveSexy Situations volume 5

In The Twin’s Initiation twins are initiated into a secret sex club. There’s trouble in Nirvanaville when new arrivals Cyndi and Jack cause a stir. And in Leopardess Wife Felicity and her husband are trying to spice up their love life when they are invited to a party where all guests must dress in a sexy feline costume. Soon Felicity is having wild sex with every tom cat in the room.


Sexy Situations Volume SixSexy Situations volume 6

Pinkie gets more than she bargained for in Hard Bodies when she visits her sculptor friend Blare. In Hustling Myself a man named Kyle is approached by a former lover, and then in How We Are Together a man with a girlfriend half his age is given the opportunity to have her friend join the fun for a night.


Sexy Valentine V5Sexy Valentine stories volume 5

Neighbours follows an angry neighbour going over to give the people throwing a vicars and tarts party a piece of their mind. But is that all they’ll get? In Dirty Boy a cute, shy man is tormented by an exhibitionist on a long train journey. While in Tongue Craft a search for the best orgasm ever brings a woman to a handsome man named Marius.


Sexy Valentine V6Sexy Valentine stories volume 6

In Molly’s New Mistress, a visit to a lake house gives submissive Molly a surprise when she realises she has been hired not for her usual master’s pleasure, but his wife’s.  While in The Ex Factor a pre-Valentine’s break up leaves a woman with no choice but to celebrate Valentine’s day with her old flame and his voluptuous new girlfriend. And in Nightcap we meet Robyn as she travels to a sales conference in Dresden and meets a very interesting man while taking time out in a local café.





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