It’s Wednesday, and that means… #HumpDay #KindleFreebies

By | May 29, 2013

Happy #HumpDay! It’s the last Hump Day of May and we hope you’re enjoying all those free sexy reads. If you really love a book, why not leave a review for it at our site, or on Amazon?

New Release:

9781909624603_FCInventing Herself by Sommer Marsden

Sophie Calhoun has a good job writing for a hot women’s magazine. Her latest
assignment is to do an article about how a strong, confident woman can look
deeper into herself to find her centre. The only problem is Sophie feels lost.
On a whim one morning, looking for the answers to her unwritten article and the
silent turmoil in her heart, she takes a hike. In the wilderness she finds a
very large man sitting alone, calm and still and smiling – everything Sophie
wants to be. When he opens his eyes and that smile is directed at her, Sophie
begins to find herself…

You can follow Sommer on Twitter at @sommer_marsden.


Xcite Collections:

sexy bdsm storiesSexy BDSM stories volume 1

In Power Lunch we meet Claudia and her personal assistant Patrick who has a knack for catering to her whims.  Next we meet Amy who has been given the tasks of checking in on her sexy 19 year old neighbour Joe and his friend. And in Highland Games Ian and Carrie go on a camping holiday in northern Scotland, and somehow the local police get involved in a spanking session.

Sexy BDSM stories volume twoSexy BDSM stories volume 2

The Uninitiated Bottom follows the story of Laura who, used to being a top, is about to learn all about being a bottom. In Split  the god of the Underworld gets a visit from his favourite temptress. And then in Acting Tough a broke PI takes a case from a Hollywood actor that leaves them both excited and wanting more.


And following on from last week:

Sexy BDSM Collaring Stories V3Sexy BDSM Collaring Stories volume 3

In Captive Audience we meet Kirsty who meets her favourite film maker at a convention and proceeds to explore his inspiration behind some of his kinkier scenes. Dog House follows three handsome men who Katherine treats like her own personal pets. While in The Cloak submissive Marie finds a new master who loves the touch of velvet and satin.


Sexy BDSM Collaring Stories V4Sexy BDSM Collaring Stories volume 4

In Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Lesbo? Kelly submits to her girlfriend Anne-Marie while in Owned by Oliver Esme gets her wish of being publically disciplined when her master volunteers her for a private party. And in Special Rewards a woman at a job interview finds it hard to concentrate when she starts flashing back to the night before.





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