The iTunes Monday Freebie List

By | July 22, 2013

Ten deliciously naughty freebies for you this week, courtesy of Xcite.

Unexpected by Sommer MarsdenUnexpected by Sommer Marsden  

When gay guy Charlie agrees to father a baby for his friend Mariah he has no idea that, uanble to cope, she’d disappear to California and he’d be left holding the baby. Then he meets Giovanni, all lean and kinetic and beautiful who not only brings some sunshine back into his life but adores children too.

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The Secret Life of Girls by Chloe ThurlowThe Secret Life Of Girls by Chloe Thurlow

After the gardener spanks her bottom and a nun at her elite finishing school seduces her in the catacombs, Bella realises that sex was what she was born for. She adores wearing a dildo and deflowering virgins just as much as she adores indulging the roguish Christian Thomas with his addiction to fruit salads and bondage.
Then Bella’s world comes tumbling down. She learns that her beloved Ickham Manor doesn’t belong to her, it belongs to her wicked stepfather. Sex has been fun. Now it is the weapon she uses to put her world back together again.
Bella entraps her stepfather in a lewd act on video. She stars in a porn flick and, as her song on the soundtrack makes her a tabloid celebrity, Bella is at the beginning of an erotic ride into the showbiz world of pain and perversion, of domination and glorious submission.

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Girl Crush by Sommer Marsden and othersGirl Crush by Sommer Marsden and others

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and exciting themes including threesomes, FF action and sex with a stranger.

Girl Crush by Sommer Marsden:A married couple and a pretty young waitress discover just how much fun three people can have in a hotel room.

After Dark by Elizabeth Cage: Mira is less than pleased at being sent on a dull computer course involving two nights in a budget motel in Basingstoke, with only her favourite vibrator for company. But a mix up at the hotel leads to a surprising turn of events and Mira, far from being bored, ends up living out her favourite sexual fantasy…

Housemate Potential by Penelope Friday: A feisty biker girl goes to check out a ‘room for rent’. The door is answered by a surprised but rather pleased young man who shows her around the flat. Not surprisingly, the two potential housemates find more to talk about than the hideous 1970s wallpaper in the spare room.

The Secret W***e by Sadie Wolf: To the outside world- and her husband- Caroline is a normal, respectable wife-with-a-part-time-job. Except that her part time job is working as a prostitute. Exciting, sexy, scary and full of surprises this story lifts the lid on the details of the world’s oldest profession.

A Brief Encounter by Teddy Masters: Steamy stranger-sex-on-a-train. Hot, dirty and sexy.

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GGetting Waxed by Jade Taylor and othersetting Waxed by Jade Taylor and others

Getting Waxed by Jade Taylor: Jodie has never questioned her sexuality but after a chance meeting in her beauty salon with electrifying Becca, she is more than ready to try something different. But when she realizes that she is Becca next client, she finds herself in a rather sticky situation!

Night of the Bear by Garrett Calcaterra: Step into the seductive supernatural world of Vampires, Shape shifters, Demons and drug deals gone bad. Varik is a bear and long time lover of his, tough but ultra sexy boss, Silya. But someone or something wants them both dead. Can Verik find whose hunting them before it’s too late?

Personal Inquiries by J. Carron: Police officer Claire is on the scene, investigating what appears to be a case of missing persons. Paul and Elaine Harrison haven’t been seen for days. Claire’s only link to this attractive couple is the steamy homemade movies she finds. The more clues Claire puts together, the deeper she is pulled into this sexy game of cat and mouse!

Test Drive by Roxanne Sinclair: Why is forbidden fruit always the sweetest? Cathy is blonde and built to thrill, but she is only 17. Nigel is her father’s best mate and her driving instructor. With each lesson it gets harder and harder for Nigel to resist young Cathy’s charms, for this is one girl who has been behind the driver’s seat before and wants to show him some manoeuvres of her own!

Much Ado (About Nothing) by Sue Williams: Ms. Carson sits in the front row of class, notebook spread, listening intently to her teacher lecture about the hidden world of sex inside Shakespeare’s stories. But it’s what happens after class that earns her an A!

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Aztec Gold by Charybdis Childe and othersAztec Gold by Charybdis Childe and others

Aztec Gold by Charybdis Childe: A young woman on a working holiday in Peru gets lost in the jungle. She  discovers a magical waterfall where ancient sexuality is brought to life  in the form of beautiful male warriors and their queen, reawakening her  own sexuality and showing her new kind of pleasure.

Dream Lover by Elizabeth Cage: Naomi has had it with boyfriends, but then one night she meets the man  of her dreams, who shares her tastes and embraces the pleasures of the  flesh with as much enthusiasm as she does. But is he too good to be  true?

Sacrifice by Jim Baker: A husband and wife go house hunting. When the wife falls in love with a  house and persuades her husband to buy it for her, their sex life  ignites and he finds he almost has more sex than he can handle. But are  darker forces at work?

Enter the Rainmaker by Landon Dixon: It’s 1932 and a magical figure descends upon a drought-ravaged farming  community in North Dakota. But while all eyes are on the Rainmaker, he  only has eyes for Britta Lindgren- the bustiest, sexiest girl in town.

Night of the Bear by Garrett Calcaterra: Step into the seductive supernatural world of Vampires, Shape shifters,  Demons and drug deals gone bad. Varik is a bear and long time lover of  his, tough but ultra sexy boss, Silya. But someone or something wants  them both dead. Can Verik find whose hunting them before it’s too late?

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The Butler Did It by Roger Frank Selby and othersThe Butler Did It by Roger Frank Selby and others

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

The Butler Did It by Roger Frank Selby

A female butler hides her sexuality beneath the stiff formality of the role and the heavy, masculine uniform. Until one morning, she finds all her cover stripped away, revealing her sensual, womanly sexuality in all its beautiful glory…

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A Good Deal by Roxanne Sinclair and othersA Good Deal by Roxanne Sinclair and others

A Good Deal by Roxanne Sinclair: Magda, a confident businesswoman, is in control of all aspects of her  life including her sex life. So when she wants sex, she knows how to  find a man who will oblige.

Kiss Me in the Car by Mimi Elise: A couple on the way home from a rare night out alone find themselves  stranded when their car breaks down. They soon get over their annoyance  and take the opportunity to recreate the sex of the early days of their  relationship, to the surprise and delight of the rescue patrol man!

College Romance by Sadie Wolf: A college student uses every trick in the book to seduce her lecturer in this wish-fulfilment fantasy.

Clean-up Duty by Karyn Winter: A hot, sexy, intense BDSM story with lots of close up detail that’s guaranteed to give you a voyeuristic thrill.

Sparkie’s Wild Night by Red: Toys, dressing up, food, passionate play, fun and games… A husband  comes home to find a much better evening in store for him than a night  in front of the television!

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All Right On The Night by Jo Nation and othersAll Right on the Night by Jo Nation and others

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes including BDSM, FF action, spanking and historical.

All Right On The Night by Jo Nation: Every Wednesday Fenella travels on the Number 42 bus to clean George Hawker’s apartment, which is contained within a brand new, sparkling edifice called The Foundry. George is always out at work when Fenella calls, so she has plenty of opportunity to explore the apartment on her own. She isn’t really a nosy person, but she can’t help wondering what sort of a man George is. There are few clues to indicate any kind of a personal life, no family photographs, no evidence of a social life of any kind either.
George’s bathroom is a temptation; as befits such a modern minimalist apartment this is more wet room than traditional haven of relaxation, but for a few minutes Fenella forgets her duties. The decision to drop her guard will prove a fateful one; in a short space of time she will understand both the nature of George’s identity and the meaning of pain.

Reunion by Beverley Langland: Would you dare to attend a school reunion? It can be a daunting experience, walking into a room full of people who have their own agenda, whether they’re the good girl, the bad boy or the bully. So many stories, so many reasons for being there.
Sarah is in two minds about the reunion; should she stay at home and play it safe or be bold, take a chance and run the risk of feeling let down?
Sometimes fate smiles on you and courage is rewarded. Sarah’s decision takes her a million miles from her comfortable – and ever so slightly boring – life, luring her into a world where she chooses to put her fate in the hands of a mistress of discipline.

Web of Desire by Emily Dubberley: An arrogant movie producer thinks that his life is completely under control and, with money, power and young actresses queuing up to lie on his casting couch, most of his colleagues would agree with him. Yet, as the saying goes, pride comes before a fall.
When he meets a mysterious woman with a heavenly name and an equally heavenly body he is immediately attracted to her because of, rather than despite, her dominant nature. Yet he soon discovers that his Angel has a devilish nature – and a desire to be in charge.
In the ensuing battle of wills between alpha male and female there can only be one winner. Whoever eventually emerges as the dominant force can claim to be a true expert in the art of pain.

The Silken Web by Virginia Beech: Clarence has a taste for the finer things in life but, as a humble valet to the beautiful but formidable Lady Jessica Cleveland, he has had to learn to hide his interest in her fine underwear. Already he has been dismissed from his former post with another noble family because of an unfortunate incident with a pair of sillken knickers, yet Clarence still struggles to control his base instincts when faced with such finery.
One afternoon Lady Jessica returns unexpectedly to find Clarence in a compromising position with one of her best silk stockings. Lady Jessica knows that she has to act immediately to discipline such bad behaviour. However, fortunately for Clarence, Lady Jessica is determined not to dismiss him.
Well, with Lord Cleveland being such a disappointment in the bedroom, a lady must find her entertainment where she can!

Waiting for a Spanking by Shanna Germain: There’s one thing about marrying a man with big hands; you can’t help wondering what they’d feel like if put to good use.
Subtlety rarely works; leaving copies of The Compleat Spanker lying around, dropping vague hints. No, only the direct approach really gets results. Assume the position and wait, even if your muscles start to scream because you know that the pain is all part of the pleasure and there are few pleasures more satisfying than discovering that your husband has hidden talents…

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TThe Jewel Box by Alcamia Paynehe Jewel Box by Alcamia Payne

An historical erotic novella with lesbian themes by Alcamia Payne.

Clemmie Beaumont is a beautiful widow and her plantation has been ravaged by the American Civil War. Clemmie’s only option to save her home seems to be to sell the Beaumont Jewels.

Then Clemmie meets African slave girl, Pearl, and they realise they have something very important in common: They both prefer women to men. Pearl is very naughty and introduces Clemmie to a whole new world of debauched erotic delights and sexual role play including masculine dressing up and tribal piercing.

Clemmie falls into a world of erotic fantasy, indulging all her carnal desires, finding true love and discovering a woman can have more than one kind of precious jewel box.

Finally, Clemmie discovers Pearl is nimble fingered in more than a sexual sense. Her light fingered maid soon provides Clemmie with an ideal solution to her conundrum of how to save “Asunta,” her beloved home.

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Educating Emma by Kristina Wright and othersEducating Emma by Kristina Wright and others

Educating Emma by Kristina Wright: An art teacher feels the need to teach her class the full beauty of art. Two hunky naked models show the class their full assets and her favourite pupil gets the lesson of the lifetime while her puny boyfriends looks on.

Discipline by Sommer Marsden: Writers block can sometimes get the better of authors. But this author knows that the fact that she can’t write is because she is lazy. She has no self discipline. Her boyfriend decides to help her out, but who knew discipline could be so much fun?

The Catnip Club by Cathryn Cooper: She had to be creative if she was going to pass her job audition. With the options she had, she decided to use the props to her best advantage. But would her new employer be impressed by her little show?

Yellow Decadence by D J Kirkby: When you’ve been married for ten years, excitement doesn’t tend to be in the forefront of your mind. She woke up one day and realised that it had been too long, so with the aid of nature, she drives her man wild.

Heels, stockings, girdle, bra, face by Jeremy Edwards: The thing with life is that we often rush it. So when he comes home to find her, he decides to take his time. Savouring every moment and every part of her is the most rewarding patience.

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