New release: Dancing on the Edge by Jack Stevens

By | February 26, 2014

Dancing on the Edge

Erotic thriller Dancing on the Edge by Jack Stevens.

Rod Brookes is young, handsome and a highly successful ‘exotic dancer’. He loves his work and he loves the guys he picks up at work. The only black spot in his perfect life is amysterious ‘admirer’ who leaves him roses. But no one ever got hurt by a flower, right?
Rod makes friends and enemies alike as he dances through his life to the frenetic beat of clubmusic, little realising that, for one of these men, attraction has become something darker and altogether more dangerous.
Is it Jed, the jealous ‘star’ of his new dance troupe? Or maybe Sam, his former employer, and would-be pimp? Perhaps muscleman Marty, would-be protector and sexual powerhouse? Or could it be Austin, the college teacher, the almost complete opposite of any man Rod’s ever known, and the one he feels most drawn to?
But when an unexpected discovery puts Austin’s motives in a whole new light, and as devotion spirals into frightening obsession, ‘accidents’ begin to look more and more like attempted murder, and Rod’s desperate need to sort out true friends from false becomes a race against time with the life of a loved one in the balance.




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