Poppy’s Fete

By | March 14, 2014

Poppy is fed up with life at the Pleasure Paradise. While the hotel might be a hot-bed of sexy antics, Poppy never sees any action herself, mainly she suspects because of her lack of curves. But Maria the boss is reluctant to accept Poppy’s notice and asks her to organise a fete before she leaves. Rob, a handsome DIY man, turns up looking for work and offers to help her with the preparations. After a session of sexy secrets and soul-baring, he devises a daring plan guaranteed to put Poppy’s name, and the rest of her, up  in lights. But has she got the bottle to go through with it? And once it’s all over, will she go or will she stay?

Reader advisory: this book contains characters featured in Watchers and Growing Pleasures, but this is a standalone story.

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