Restored to Love

By | February 10, 2013

An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with supernatural and paranormal themes.

Restored to Love

When restoration expert Gillian is offered a potentially lucrative contract at an historic hall, she jumps at the chance, even though it means living on her own in the run-down building. However, after a disastrous break-up with her boyfriend, she finds that although she’s alone in body, she’s certainly not alone in spirit. And with the help of a Roman centurion and a Cavalier, she discovers that while two might well be company, three is far more exciting.

Rite Place, Rite Time

Local legend claims that women who want to fall pregnant should have sex between the legs of the Lowdale Man. Melinda thinks it’s superstitious nonsense, but something compels her to persuade her husband, Ryan, to visit the chalk figure on the night of the full moon. When a mysterious male emerges from nowhere, naked and aroused, Melinda learns the highly erotic truth behind the ancient fertility rite. 


Feeling alone and lost, Julia heads to an old haunt to dance her sorrows away. When she notices a mysterious and beautiful man sitting in the shadows watching her every move, she heads to the back of the club to escape his unnerving stare. Little does she realise that danger awaits. But in the darkness it’s hard to tell who is friend or foe.


The stranger awakes in the dead of night to the sound of music. Drawn to the party she spots a vulnerable girl – and means to steal her soul in an attempt to satisfy the longing forever present since she lost her beloved. The girl goes with the stranger, falling prey to her lust soon as they are alone. Yet, even as the young woman learns more about the stranger, she is still willing to invite her into her home…

One for the Toad

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads to find your Prince Charming – but there’s no guarantee that things will work out according to fairy-tale rules. That’s what Amanda learns after she rescues a talking toad from the side of the road and takes him home to show her boyfriend.

These stories have also been published in Dead Sexy by Xcite Books

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