Striptease with stories by Carmel Lockyer and others #iTunesFreebie alert!

By | June 17, 2013

S9781908006080_FCtriptease with stories by Carmel Lockyer and others

Striptease by Carmel Lockyer: She wasn’t impressed by the kissogram and knew that she could do better. She loved men looking at her naked body so working as a stripper was right up her street. And it wasn’t just the guys that were lusting after her.
Marital Aids by Lynn Lake: Marianne knew exactly what Kate was going through – she had been through it herself. When she showed Kate what had cured the problem for her Kate thought that it might work for her too. Jim had been a bad boy and he deserved to be punished.
A Club for Discerning Young Gentlemen by David Harvie: With her body wrapped inside a shiny crimson dressing gown Ellie was an expert in her field. Plenty had paid for the service she provided and Wes would say that she was worth every penny. Would Niall be brave enough to take her on?

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