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Battle for Vampire Abbey

Passionate and sexy, Battle For Vampire Abbey is the erotic sequel with more bite. It’s almost seventy years since Mina Farnsworth became a vampire and devoted her eternal life to the Baroness Stefania Locusta. While they’re still passionately in love, Mina is swayed by the roaring 40’s lifestyle, putting their relationship at risk to support Britain in its hour of war-time need. Tensions between them reach breaking point when Mina… Read More »

Gooseflesh Abbey

There’s so much vampire erotica around and it all takes itself so seriously. It’s refreshing to find something in the comic vein like Gooseflesh Abbey. It’s so funny – a send-up of the loathsome Victorian sentiment of Bram Stoker – and yet so arousing; a kind of erotic melodrama. The characters are also distinct and well-drawn, and the sex scenes are varied and really hot. The bondage scene near the… Read More »

Gooseflesh Abbey

Baron and Baroness Locusta don’t get along very well, which is understandable, as they’re vampires and their domestic spat is doomed to last for eternity.  That is until Algernon Barker arrives in their Romanian castle to finalize the Baron’s purchase of ‘Gooseflesh Abbey’, a reputedly haunted abbey in Barker’s Yorkshire hometown. Barker, engaged to be married to Alicia Cushing, makes valiant attempts to preserve his purity for his betrothed, but… Read More »