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Author Interview With L.C. Wilkinson

All of Him is the eagerly awaited sequel to All of Me, which featured the intense affair between 30-something actress Flick and sexy young Italian restaurateur, Orlando. L.C. Wilkinson tells us what we can expect when this hot romance moves to the Big Apple… Xcite: Tell us a little about All of Him? L.C.: Here’s the blurb: Orlando Locatelli. Restauranteur and rising TV star. Damaged, beautiful and oh-so-young. Flick Burrows.… Read More »

Interview with Xcite Books author: K.D. Grace

Interview with Xcite Books author: K.D. Grace  What is the title of your latest book with Xcite?  When and why did you first start writing erotica? About four years ago. I wrote a piece for the now defunct Scarlet Magazine’s ‘Cliterature’ section called ‘The Night Bus.’ I wrote another piece for Scarlet, then got my first short story accepted in a Black Lace anthology and I’ve never looked back. Where… Read More »

Xcite Awards Finalist – Interview with best-selling Xcite author KD Grace

 K D Grace is one of the finalists in the Xcite Awards – you can vote for her here MATT : Hi KD, great to see you again. Can you tell us about when you started writing erotica? KD GRACE : I’ve always enjoyed writing the sexy bits in fiction. I always found them the most interesting parts to write, but I actually started writing erotica four years ago, back… Read More »