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Product DescriptionAn intimate tale of love, sex and loss. What happens when the line between love and despair is blurred? Sabrina must find out if she has room in her heart for both. Her devoted, disabled husband has planned a Valentine’s Day to remember. Her biggest surprise – that unrestrained passion can heal her deepest wound. If Sabrina can let ecstasy wash away her pain, she will have been given… Read More »

Of Vinegar and Honey, Part IV: “Bittersweet”

Product DescriptionPart IV of the Of Vinegar and Honey romance series. Desire is the root of all suffering . . . He had almost made it to the top of the stairs when a movement caught his eye in the mirror on the wall, and his finger slipped off the lift button bringing it to a standstill.The mirror was right across her open bedroom door, and the movement that caught… Read More »

Bittersweet by Alyssa Turner – Review by Sizzling Hot Books

“Alyssa Turner did a very good job in such a short amount of pages with Bittersweet telling a story that will heat up the room with not only its erotic scenes but also with the love you feel between the characters leaving you emotionally attached to them and wishing for a happy ending.” Read the full review here. Get your copy of Bittersweet here.

Erotic review: Bittersweet reviewed by Mitzi

I’m a fan of romance from way back. This story was such a surprise. Not to spoil it, but if you like a your books to pull on your heart strings and be full of hot sexy (totally explicit) love scenes then this is the right book for you. It was not too long, perfect for a rainy day in (like how I read it). The story stuck with me… Read More »