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Teasing the Devil – wickedly erotic novel with with occult and female submission themes

Product DescriptionThere is a hint of the wicked about Julian d’Alveda, a darkness that fascinates pretty student Chloe Anthony. Keen to learn more about his scandalous activities, she joins him at Candle Street Hall in Norfolk, a house with a reputation darker still. Once there, she quickly finds herself drawn in like a moth to a flame, first as his lover, and then rather more as the full scope of… Read More »

The Fetish Adventures of Female Flagellants – Complete Volumes 1 & 2

Product DescriptionThe Fetish Adventures of Female Flagellants is a sexually provocative, controversial work of classic erotic literature. Elegantly written and lustfully wicked, it is an intimate account of the voluptuous pleasures of spanking. With detailed anecdotes about the rituals of flogging, this historical erotic text gives interesting insight into sexual pleasure, pain, domination and submission. This Kindle edition is beautifully illustrated with unique vintage e… More >> The Fetish Adventures… Read More »