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I recommend this to Sapphic readers who enjoy a paranormal story dominated by a sexy female vampire.

Book review from The Romance Reviews for The Vampire Skye by Fulani  Would you like to work for a secret government agency to help support vampires blend into the human society? Although the job is similar to social work combined with relocation. Worse, the office is located in a basement deep beneath a nondescript building. The plus side is the night hours for a night owl and the ability to… Read More »

Interview with Xcite Books author – Fulani

Interview with Xcite Books author – Fulani  What is the title of your latest book with Xcite?  When and why did you first start writing erotica? Around ten years ago. I started writing a piece of fiction that turned out to be intensely sexual. People I showed it to said it turned them on, and Erotic Review magazine snapped it up. So I just kept going. Where do you find… Read More »

Erotic Book Addicted to Rope by Fulani – Review by Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

“Addicted to Rope is a short but compelling story. It sucked me in quickly and I wasn’t ready to let go at the end. Fulani is very good at giving Ruth and Leo a lot of depth in a short amount of time. The transformation that overcomes Ruth is quick, but detailed. You can get a good feel for how her mind is working as she accepts and challenges what… Read More »

New erotic title – Addicted to Rope by Fulani

An erotic novella with BDSM, spanking, f/f and m/f themes. Ruth’s work leaves no time for relationships. Travelling a lot and living in hotel rooms, her sex life revolves around one-night-stands. In a hotel bar, one night, she encounters a professional bondage rigger and maker of dungeon equipment. His occupation might be strange, but he’s more together and more interesting than most of the men she meets. When he offers her a… Read More »

Lust Bites by Miranda Forbes – Review by Coffee Time Romance

“Lust Bites Anthology takes five authors and has them spinning tales of vampirism in its sexiest form. Each story within the novel has its own uniqueness, even with the common denominator in the paranormal genre… this novel will leave you deeply satisfied and happy to have picked it up.” 3 Cups Read the full review here. Get your copy of Lust Bites here.