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First Spankings – True spanking initiations

This is a fascinating and highly readable series of reminiscences from throughout the author’s life of giving girls their earliest adult spankings. He writes candidly and with humour and shows how, provided its done with care, consideration and a spot of eroticism, receiving her first ever spanking can lead a girl to years of spanking enjoyment. The author is clearly not only very experienced but also obviously loves his subject… Read More »

Initiations, Gay Erotica

Product Description“Initiations” is Jackson Phoenix’s newest story about a fraternity testing the psychological and sexual limits of their new pledges. College student Scott is kidnapped from his classroom as part of an elaborate initiation ritual. Over the challenging week that follows his abduction, Scott connects mentally and physically with the other new pledges and Sean, his new pledge master.Product Description“Initiations” is Jackson Phoenix’s newest stor… More >> Initiations, Gay Erotica