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Excited to be Xcite Author of the Month – Kay Jaybee

Wow!!! I’m Xcite’s Author of the Month!!! I’m flattered, honoured, and- well, to be honest- amazed!! The way I attempt to make a living is a constant source of surprise to me. Sitting tucked up in the corner of my local cafe each morning, with my trusty notebook writing kinky plotlines, is a million miles from where I thought I’d be spending my working life when I was a student.… Read More »

Interview with Xcite Books author Kay Jaybee

Interview with Xcite Books author Kay Jaybee  What is the title of your latest book with Xcite? and  When and why did you first start writing erotica? I wrote my very first piece of erotica on the back of a napkin in a cafe in Scotland in 2005, once my youngest child had started school- the piece- a poem called Regrets, was eventualy published on Oysters and Chocolate- the idea… Read More »

Erotic Anthology Yes Ma’am by Kay Jaybee – Review by BDSM Book Reviews

“Overall, each of the six were very well written and professional – I enjoyed them all on some level. If you’re a fan of FemDom stories, I would recommend this collection on the strength of “Don’t You, Emma?” and particularly “Dear Claire” alone. Spanks for the memories!” Read the full review here. Get your copy of Yes Ma’am here.

New Erotic Anthology – Acting Tough edited by Miranda Forbes

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed mm and mf submission and domination themes. Acting Tough by Landon Dixon This gumshoe needed a case to work, bad. The Depression wasn’t just a financial reality any more, it was a state of mind – his. Hollywood was still shining bright, but he was a reel away from fade to black. Until into his mug moseyed Mack Taylor, he-man star of… Read More »

New Erotic Anthology – Milf and Cookies edited by Elizabeth Coldwell

Five short stories about explicit sexual encounters that break all the rules. MILF And Cookies by Michael Bracken While spending Christmas break with his college roommate’s family, Bobby is seduced by his roommate’s long-divorced mother, a sexy blonde with a body that would be the envy of any college cheerleader. Mrs Parker entices him with warm chocolate chip cookies and glimpses of her in a diaphanous red nightie. Then she… Read More »

New Erotic Book – Explicit Encounters edited by Elizabeth Coldwell

Who can resist having sex when they shouldn’t? Forbidden fruit tastes sweet, and Explicit Encounters meets those who aren’t afraid to reach out and take a bite. From affairs conducted behind a partner’s back to acting on deepest fantasies, these stories reveal what happens when illicit sex becomes too much to resist. MILF And Cookies offers a college student an unforgettable experience at the hands of his best friend’s mother.… Read More »

Erotic Anthology Best of Both edited by Miranda Forbes – Review by Simply Erotic Reviews

“This is a scintillating collection of sexy stories that will leave you gasping for more! With tales that reflect all shades of sexuality and a wide and wild variety of groupings, nothing is missed out in these hot and imaginative romps! Miranda has done an excellent job of selecting 20 of the most salubrious and salivating tales from an amazing assemblage of hot eroticists, where the only thing left for… Read More »

Yes Ma’am by Kay Jaybee – Review by Heather Brewer

“Overall this was a great collection of short stories empowering the females and allowing them to show their dominant side.  It’s nice to see the females as the Mistress rather than the submissive.” Read the full review here. Get your copy of Yes Ma’am here.

Yes Ma’am by Kay Jaybee – Review by For Books’ Sake

“Kay is a talented writer, with an easy and saucy style… If a little BDSM or power play gets you going, tuck in with Yes Ma’am.” Read the full review here. Get your copy of Yes Ma’am here.

Yes Ma’am by Kay Jaybee – Review by Coffee Time Romance

“Take a walk on the wicked side with this collection of light BDSM stories. The characters are interesting and they keep their play fairly tame for the most part. With the ladies in charge, you get a little different take on the whole power play, and how much fun it is to spice things up. These stories are like little bursts of heat, instead of an all-consuming flame.” 3 Cups… Read More »