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New Erotic Anthology – Owned by Oliver edited by Elizabeth Coldwell

Domination and desire go hand in hand, but are you ready to submit to the ultimate in sexy seduction? Enjoy five varied, kinky tales of domination and submission that will get you hot under the collar! Owned by Oliver by Elizabeth Coldwell Esme has fantasies about being disciplined in public. She never imagines that when it finally happens it will be at a very exclusive party where, naked and blindfolded, she… Read More »

New Erotic Anthology – No Knickers edited by Elizabeth Coldwell

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including sex in public, ménage, exhibitionism and older woman/younger man. No Knickers by Elizabeth McWilliams Usually a reserved young lady and model employee, when Madeleine forgets to pack a vital item of underwear, she is inspired to spend the day chasing illicit thrills. Leaving her usual, dutiful self back in the office, she takes a chance on an attractive stranger in… Read More »

Erotic Anthology Healthy Addictions edited by Miranda Forbes – Reviewed by Simply Erotic Reviews

“What a delicious collection of erotic stories! From a BDSM quiet librarian to a reporter writing about unique tables, this accumulation of authors and short novellas offer an eclectic array to tempt and satisfy every level of eroticism and sensuality. The flow of each of the authors is superb, the dialogue hit the mark and each tale is weaved in a way that left me saying, “WOW, I didn’t see… Read More »

Gay Erotic Anthology All the Boys edited by Lucas Steele – Review by Two Lips Reviews

“…an eclectic mix of short stories that takes the reader into various depth of man love, some have happy endings some do not.  But it was a fun and erotic journey for me.  I’m very glad I read this book.” 4 out of 5 Read the full review here. Get your copy of All the Boys here.

New Erotic Anthology – The Couple with the Dragon Tattoo edited by Miranda Forbes

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed menage and partner swap themes. The Couple with the Dragon Tattoo by Giselle Renarde Marva and Gerry consider themselves a pretty boring couple.  They know why they’re so besotted with their new friends, Vijee and Lilliana, a pair of polyamorous pansexual BDSM enthusiasts, but why on earth does this lesbian couple want to spend time with a pair of dull heterosexuals?  When… Read More »

New Erotic Anthology – Tied Up In Knots edited by Miranda Forbes

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed menage and partner swapping themes. Tied Up In Knots by Antonia Adams When Will wakes up to find he is naked and tied to his own bed, with no memory of getting there, he suspects it’s his jealous girlfriend’s idea of revenge.  Earlier he let it slip that he quite fancied her best friend. He also remembers her saying her favourite fantasy… Read More »

New Erotic Anthology – Acting Tough edited by Miranda Forbes

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed mm and mf submission and domination themes. Acting Tough by Landon Dixon This gumshoe needed a case to work, bad. The Depression wasn’t just a financial reality any more, it was a state of mind – his. Hollywood was still shining bright, but he was a reel away from fade to black. Until into his mug moseyed Mack Taylor, he-man star of… Read More »

New Erotic Anthology – Cowgirl Honeymoon edited by Elizabeth Coldwell

Five short stories about explicit sexual encounters that break all the rules. Cowgirl Honeymoon by Tamsin Flowers Sugar couldn’t be happier – she’d always dreamt of having her honeymoon on a ranch and now she was luxuriating in the joys of having a hot stallion between her legs both day and night. But when her new husband Kyle cries off sex because he’s saddle sore, Sugar starts wondering about his… Read More »

Erotic Anthology Best of Both edited by Miranda Forbes – Review by Simply Erotic Reviews

“This is a scintillating collection of sexy stories that will leave you gasping for more! With tales that reflect all shades of sexuality and a wide and wild variety of groupings, nothing is missed out in these hot and imaginative romps! Miranda has done an excellent job of selecting 20 of the most salubrious and salivating tales from an amazing assemblage of hot eroticists, where the only thing left for… Read More »

Gay erotica: The Fist – review by Pat Epee

It had been awhile since I read M/M original slash and I was quite pleased by the selections compiled in this book. The starter was more than wetting any appetite I thought I had. Edgy and awesome fisting that will brand your memories for a long time after you read it, thanks to the roughness brought by G R Richards. Wired, was actually fun. Not knew per se but really… Read More »