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Erotic Mysteries of a Horny Head Mistress

Product DescriptionErotic Mysteries of a Horny Head Mistress is a wonderfully wicked classic of Victorian erotica. It tells the transforming sexual tale of an innocent school head mistress, Miss Sinclair, and her metamorphoses into a lewd, lascivious lady of the birch (who learns to love spanking her naughty sexy schoolgirls)!Set in a fashionable girls school, a young student is robbed of money. The erotic mystery revolves around the guilty (and… Read More »

Venus Sex Mistress and the Night School of Dark Passion and Fear

Product DescriptionVenus Sex Mistress and the Night School of Passion and Fear is a collection of erotic fiction, provocative poetry and dramatic plays about the sexual fetish of flagellation. Elegantly written with amusing characters, the erotic adventures of Betsy Thoughtless, Thackery Paedagogus and Mr. Mountwhackaway are sexually explicit, arousing and delightful! This collection of Victorian erotica is also interesting for its philosophical observations on flogging, pain as a sti… More… Read More »