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Regency Nights – An historical erotic romance novella

Product DescriptionAn historical novella by Kitti Bernetti with menage and MM themes. It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. But, unlike the wealthy D’arcy, Cavendish De Courcy’s family is broke and he must marry an heiress to save the De Courcys from ruin. When, two weeks from his wedding, he meets the superbly proportioned… Read More »

The Vampire Skye – an erotic novella with paranormal, lesbian, bdsm and menage themes

Product DescriptionAn erotic novella with paranormal, lesbian, bdsm and menage theme from Xcite Books, winners ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 & 2012 Leah works for the Authority, a secretive Government department dedicated to managing the vampires who live in society and keeping their presence hidden from the human population. Her latest client, Skye, wants to flee the Authority’s restrictions and go off-programme – and if that means feeding… Read More »

Enchanted Submission – An erotic bdsm fantasy novella

Product DescriptionIt’s the night before Cinderella’s wedding and the girls are out on the town looking for some serious fun – especially Rapunzel. Tired of being a dominatrix to her wall skimming prince she’s hoping to surrender control to the broodingly gorgeous, newly divorced Beast, but she mustn’t forget about her naive friend Cinderella who’s in desperate need of an eye opener before she gets hitched to the fast and… Read More »

The Jewel Box – an historical erotic novella with lesbian themes

Product DescriptionClemmie Beaumont is a beautiful widow and her plantation has been ravaged by the American Civil War. Clemmie’s only option to save her home seems to be to sell the Beaumont Jewels. Then Clemmie meets African slave girl, Pearl, and they realise they have something very important in common: They both prefer women to men. Pearl is very naughty and introduces Clemmie to a whole new world of debauched… Read More »

Freefalling – an erotic romance novella from Xcite Books

Product DescriptionFalling in love has just been scrubbed off artist Hayley Tring’s to-do list. But when the gorgeous Tom Holah commissions a painting, keeping her mind on the job and her hand on a paintbrush becomes a whole new challenge. Tom needs to brighten up his corporate image, but after a lust-filled night with Hayley he wants more than just her pictures. And he isn’t used to taking no for… Read More »

Stud to Go – an erotic gay novella

Product DescriptionBen’s broke. The firm he’d been working for in Amsterdam has gone bust, and his employment options are limited, to say the least. But quite how has he found himself working for an escort service that makes him sound more like a takeaway pizza than a hot date? And what will he do when his feelings for his favourite client – urbane, successful photographer Jeroen Storm – go beyond… Read More »

Insatiable – an erotic menage novella

Product DescriptionA contemporary erotic novella with m/f/m menage themes by Landrie Richards. All her life, Rachel has been the good girl who does what she’s told and neglects her own needs. When she heads out to a club in order to finally let loose, she gets more than she ever bargained for in a handsome stranger and his twin brother. With Rachel determined to shake her innocent image and cocksure… Read More »

Passion Hotel – an erotic novella

Product DescriptionHotel Arensen has something of a reputation. It is famous for many things, its grandeur, it’s a beautiful island setting, but more than anything, it is famous for sex. Every room is geared towards getting the staff and guests ‘better acquainted’, but Dominique isn’t sure that even this sexual paradise can heal her shattered libido. That is, until she meets Sheldon who – quite literally – offers an arousing… Read More »

Stranded in Paradise – M/M novella with bdsm, older man/younger man

Product DescriptionAlfie Crane accepts a lift from Boston to San Francisco from fellow college student Brad as he’s too broke to take the bus. When they argue, he finds himself being thrown out of the car with only his wallet and the clothes he stands up in. After walking for miles, he reaches the tiny town of Paradise, Nebraska. He is desperate for help, and is taken in by diner… Read More »

Diana and the Gig-Gig Man – An erotic novella based in the beautiful island of Antigua.

Product DescriptionAn erotic novella based in the beautiful island of Antigua. Diana’s looking for rest, relaxation and the chance to meet a hot guy on the paradise island of Antigua. Handsome crewman James, known as “Jigger The Rigger”, seems like the perfect partner ‑ funny, charming and with access to a luxury yacht, the ideal setting for a night of mindblowing sex. But how much does Diana really know about… Read More »