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The Ancient’s Destiny – Book Three in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

Seven magi remain on Earth, including the subject of an ancient prophecy, Cereza Mikhailov. Abandoned by her first love and isolated from everyone she ever cared about, Cereza has turned her back on her past and lives a shallow existence of lust and indulgence, unaware that the world is about to change for ever. An ancient magical being wants to wipe out humanity and bring about a new world. An… Read More »

The Magi’s Daughter – Book Two in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

This second installment of the The Prophecy Girl Trilogy is a much stronger showing by Danielle Austen. The author has clearly worked on her technique and style and learned valuable lessons from writing the first book. There is a tighter and stronger storyline which combined with less frequent but fully pertinent sexy scenes place this work solidly in the erotic romance genre. Characters introduced in the earlier book are developed… Read More »

The Magi’s Daughter – Book Two in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

Twenty years have passed since the events of The Magician’s Lover, and Lindsey Mikhailov now lives in rural Italy with her husband and their daughter. But when a mysterious and violent event shatters the serenity of their life together, it sets off a chain of events which will alter the lives of the magi and those around them for ever. In a dramatic, explicit tale packed with shocking plot twists… Read More »

The Magician’s Lover – Book One in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

The Magician’s Lover is an erotic romance novel with the emphasis firmly on “erotic”. Though there is a romance behind everything, this book can’t really be compared to the erotic-tinged paranormal romance stories from the likes of Ilona Andrews; instead think more along the lines of the Black Lace line of books where the sexual content is frequent and filthy. And if that’s the kind of book you’re looking for,… Read More »