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No Restraint

Alex Craig accepts a new job at a high-end sex doll company called Babes. Babes’ dolls are high-end, expensive silicone love toys. Working at Babes is like working for a bacchanal. The company’s culture is all about decadence, enjoying the good life, exciting sex, and enticing food and drink. Alex meets Jackson Beale, one of the company’s vice-presidents. Jackson takes Alex on a new and exciting journey of carnal pleasure.… Read More »


I read this book twice already since I bought it. It’s just that good. (It’s also only about 50+ pages, so it’s pretty short.) It’s one of those novellas that feels rather timeless. You don’t really know how old anyone is, what they do, what they look like or where they belong outside this one snapshot of time. But they’re real people that could fit in as anyone. Mallory is… Read More »


Product DescriptionA new erotic romance novella by bestselling author Charlotte Stein. Marnie Lewis is certain that one of her friends – handsome but awkward Brandon – hates her guts. The last thing she wants to do is go on a luscious weekend away with him and a few other buddies, to a cabin in the woods. But when she catches Brandon doing something very dirty after a night spent listening… Read More »

Restraint and the Art of Bondage – review by Xeni Zondich

A great intro book into bondage and restraint. A must read for all novices, and maybe a few experts too! It has practical and emotional advice for dealing with this topic. I thought it really well written and quite interesting, especially the pictures for some rope knot types! Get your copy here