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A tribute to Roger Frank Selby – gentleman, pilot and author

Today I’d like to write a tribute to Roger Frank Selby – one of our Xcite authors who has, very sadly, lost his battle with cancer.  I never met Roger in person but we corresponded by email and chatted on the phone. He’d been a very successful pilot and come to writing after he retired. I know he had a science fiction novel completed but we knew him for his erotic fiction.… Read More »

Erotic book review: Sex in the Air – review by Amanda Houiellebecq

I could hardly bear to put the book down and was left breathless and excited as our heroes raced, or rather flew, through Europe and North Africa on their travels. The two main characters are a handsome pilot and his equally attractive flying instructor. He gains his pilots wings in the most unusual way at the start of story which is laced with raunchy erotic episodes. In flight entertainment takes… Read More »

Begging For It by Miranda Forbes – Review by Seriously Reviewed

“Dirty, detailed and fast paced. Filled to the brim with naughty sex and worth every minute.” Read the full review here. Get your copy of Begging For It here.

New Title: The Best of Roger Frank Selby by Roger Frank Selby

The Best of Roger Frank Selby, A Sculptor’s Touch, and other tales A naive young model must pose for a mysterious but afflicted sculptor. Initially disturbed and outraged by his exotic lifestyle and submissive companion, she later decides to return with a vengeance. But how can a blind man sculpt a woman? The newly colonised planet, Eden, has slipped back into feudalism. An overlord sends out his flying Examiner to harvest exceptional women from his surrounding… Read More »