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Tough Love – The True Story of my Submissive Adventures

Kate is a successful executive in her early forties with a house in central London, a loving husband, beautiful kids and a toned body to be envied. But Kate remains unfulfilled. For as long as she can remember, she has fantasised about being dominated, about experiencing the harshest punishment and the most exquisite sexual pleasures at the hands of strangers. Tough Love is a true tale of how she made… Read More »

Hidden – an Erotic Love Story from Xcite Books

Product DescriptionA tender gay erotic love story of sexual awakening, bondage and sacrifice by best-selling author Alcamia Payne. Reclusive genius, Darren’s life is turned upside down when he meets art gallery owner Jake. Both men enter into an affair but both fear involvement. Tangled in a web of love and lust, their relationship develops into one of complex emotional control and bondage. Each man realises that although in the past… Read More »

Object of Art – an erotic short story

Product DescriptionIn ‘Object of Art’ Ally agrees to be turned into a living statue by her lover Marcus, for an intimate art exhibition. Ally has never revealed her curvy body like this before, but finds the experience of being bound by strips of material and plaster of Paris exciting. During the show Ally heats up both from the effects of the plaster on her skin and the attentions of the… Read More »

Penny Ink – an erotic short story

Product DescriptionEnter the salacious world of power games, as tough and ultra sexy female boss – Penny Ink – employs her kinky biological weapon par excellence, to subdue her male workers. Penny certainly knows how to use her body’s unique ejaculatory female tool to control her randy pack. But what happens, when one day, Penny meets her match and Max her old adversary appears as her new male secretary. There’s… Read More »

First Day at Work – An erotic short story with bondage, ménage and bdsm themes

Product DescriptionAn erotic short story with bondage, ménage and bdsm themes. Linzi’s first day at work isn’t quite what she expected. For one thing, part of the warehouse stock is sex toys. For another, the other woman in the office has a very intimate relationship with the manager and the warehouse man. When it turns out they’ll be staying on to receive a late delivery, Linzi finds out that much… Read More »

Veiled Seduction – an erotic short story set in Victorian London

Product DescriptionWhat is the secret of elegant Constanzia Pryce, the Victorian woman who always wears a long veil, and shrouds her face in mystery? When Michael Weston falls in love and lust with Constanzia he soon wants to find out. However obstinate Constanzia is determined Michael will love her for more than her looks, and against his will Michael soon becomes entangled in fetishistic sexual fantasies about his mysterious veiled… Read More »

Tingle All The Way – hot, sexy, seasonal story with m/f/m menage themes

Product DescriptionA hot, sexy, seasonal story with fantasy fufillment and m/f/m menage themes that is sure to get you feeling frisky and festive! Innara Grant has always loved Christmas, though over the past few years the holiday has been ruined by her thoughtless ex. On her own this year, she is eagerly anticipating a traditional Christmas with her family. Her plans are disrupted when work keeps her late on Christmas… Read More »

The Reclining Lady – erotic story with f/f, m/f, sex outdoors and mild bondage themes

Product DescriptionAn erotic story with f/f, m/f, sex outdoors and mild bondage themes After Rachel’s Aunt Maggie dies, she has problems getting a fair price for the woman’s collection of antiques, until art curator Hannah steps in. With her red hair and figure to die for, Hannah is just Rachel’s type – and the attraction is mutual. Among Aunt Maggie’s possessions, Hannah finds a long-lost sketch of a reclining nude… Read More »

Job Satisfaction – An erotic short story with lesbian themes

Product DescriptionAn erotic short story with lesbian themes by Dee Jaye Marie hasn’t worked as a chalet maid long and she thinks she’s alone when she hears curious noises from one of the guest bedrooms. Further investigation reveals one of her prettiest and most buxom guests, Paula, pleasuring herself. Afraid of being caught watching, but unable to tear away her gaze, Marie can’t resist embarking on some solo satisfaction of… Read More »

Restoration – an erotic short story

Product DescriptionMuseum Restorer Theresa is thrilled when an ancient, dirt covered Roman Statue of Priapus comes into her care. She finds him fascinating and he becomes her erotic obsession. Night and day she is consumed by her lust for Priapus. Unknown to Theresa another person has been overtaken by the same obsession. It is only when her project is completed and Priapus is out on display that she discovers she… Read More »