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Girl Trade

There is thanks to EL James and her Shades of Grey books a new erotica and Chloe Thurlow is up there with her as one of the best in the genre. Without stretching the comparison too far, like Ms James, Ms Thurlow writes romantic stories with an erotic twist and lots of surprises. We are drawn by the characters and plot, the sexual interludes coming as a natural development of… Read More »

Taking it in Trade

Product DescriptionMartin Bronson is a hard-working executive for a big company. He’s pouring over a new contract for his company one evening and just needs to take a break. He tells his secretary she can go home. Instead, the secretary comes in and decides to ease Martin’s mind with a little sex-play. They’ve done this before, often, and Martin has come to realize something. She’s doing this with him to… Read More »