Taking Flight

By | January 18, 2014

Tabitha Rayne has excelled in my opinion. Her “A Clockwork Butterfly” was the second erotica book I ever read and after reading that I wanted more. This is a prequel to that book and contains slightly different characters. I was nervous when I noticed a character from “A Clockwork Butterfly” that I disliked that it would ruin the enjoyment of the book from then on. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. Tabitha’s strong characters and immersive world captivated me once more and had me looking at that character through new eyes.

I read mostly science fiction and fantasy but once again Tabitha has written a story that even without the wonderfully explicit and hot sex scenes, stands on it’s own merits. The sex scenes add to it rather than detracting from the plot.

I found myself creating a vivid mental image of the world and all the characters within a chapter or two – not something that comes naturally to me. I also found myself panting not just for the next saucy scene but also to see what would happen to the characters. I don’t resort to tears often but I confess at one point I had to grab a tissue.

I don’t just want the next book in the series but find myself _needing_ it. My mind has started to wonder about how and when the books link and I want to find out what does happen to them now. Will the third book concentrate on the characters we meet in “Taking Flight”, “A Clockwork Butterfly” or indeed both. What will become of the characters and what will happen in such a world as this?

If I could give this 5.5 stars I would, if erotica is your thing or even if science fiction/fantasy is then give it a go. Easy read and can be read in a few hours and entertaining. What more could a person want.

– Cheryl Jackson
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