The Best of Kay Jaybee

By | January 15, 2014

Oh my goodness, each of these perfectly titled tales is as tightly woven as a mummy’s bandages. Unwrap them, one at a time, and prepare to be enthralled by exceptional, erotic storytelling in a wide variety of fresh, sexy, absorbing stories. Who knew that an everyday item such as a shirt could be so beautifully tender and sensual? Kay examines fabric and memory in perfect expressive language.

In ‘Bastet’, my favourite, though it is difficult to select a single gem from this fabulous cluster, Kay Jaybee explores facets of Ancient Egypt in this unique, alluring piece so subtle you’ll need to read it again and again. ‘Cardboard’ is a fabulously horny, splendid story, sure to make you wriggle with desire and smile in equal measure. I loved it. Original, first-class writing, head and shoulders above most. Highly recommended.

– Elizabeth Woodham
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