The Magician’s Lover – Book One in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

By | October 29, 2012

The Magician’s Lover is an erotic romance novel with the emphasis firmly on “erotic”. Though there is a romance behind everything, this book can’t really be compared to the erotic-tinged paranormal romance stories from the likes of Ilona Andrews; instead think more along the lines of the Black Lace line of books where the sexual content is frequent and filthy. And if that’s the kind of book you’re looking for, you’re in for a treat. The sex is very hot and very varied, and I enjoyed certain parts a lot more than I thought I would!

Plot-wise it’s an urban fantasy set in modern-day London, primarily centred around average girl Lindsey Wade and her discovery of the existence of magic. Obviously given that this is subtitled “The Prophecy Girl Trilogy” there is a prophecy involved, and though the climax of the romance wasn’t a shock, I was still very surprised at what happens at the end.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. The plot kept me interested, there are some good characters – I was particularly fond of Lindsey’s friends Cammie and Jason – and the sexual content ticked all the right boxes.

– Kate Woes

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