Woman of Power – Book One of Knight Shades Trilogy

By | June 16, 2013

Book One of The Knight Shades Trilogy by chart-topping erotic romance author Toni Sands

Hot knights astride magnificent stallions parade their skills before beautiful ladies whose cleavages plunge as deep as their desires. Arcandos is a strange mix of medieval and decadent. Sir Gavin didn’t ask to be catapulted there by wicked enchantress Sibilla. Especially when she spells danger for every gentle knight who takes her fancy. How can Gavin beat her at her own sinful game of souls and return to his own world? Lust turns to true love. Jousting and fencing bouts lead to knightly bonding. But Gavin’s desire for the unattainable spells banishment. Where will the enchantress hurl him next? 

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