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By | June 18, 2013

Check out Xcite’s top 10 #iTunesFreebies for the week!

The Vampire's New Plaything by FulaniThe Vampire’s New Plaything by Fulani

An erotic short with vampire, ménage, bdsm, thriller, and Halloween themes.

Nikki has the Sickness; the desire to be preyed upon and fall under the spell of a vampire. At nights, she tosses feverishly in her bed. And then she runs out of milk at 2 a.m. What happens next is as unexpected as it is certain. And along the way, she saves a man’s life.

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This Woman Is Dangerous edited by Miranda ForbesThis Woman is Dangerous edited by Miranda Forbes

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes including stories by:

This Woman is Dangerous by Landon Dixon: A patient is on the loose from Agnews Insane Asylum, but military-man-turned-cop Frank Drury isn’t afraid; nothing ever happens in his sleepy patch of the Pacific Coast Highway, especially on the late shift. Until the speeding car disturbs his steamy trip down memory lane… The driver Nancy almost fits the runaway patient’s description perfectly, apart from her blonde hair… Frank decides to carry out an in-depth interrogation to find out more about the woman beneath the nurse’s uniform.

Splendide Girl by Courtney James: As soon as Kirsty heard that a local property developer was restoring the rundown 1920s cinema in the town centre, she immediately applied for a job and not just for the sexy usherette outfit. It has been a lifetime dream to work in a classic picture-house, but the glamour of watching the same films over and over quickly starts to wear thin. At least she now has the man from the cult classic nights to keep her entertained… This screening is most definitely going to be X-rated

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Love on the Battlefield edited by Miranda ForbesLove on the Battlefield edited by Miranda Forbes

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed uniform themes with stories including:

Love on the Battlefield by Chrissie Bentley: Every year, the whole town comes together to celebrate the Civil War re-enactment, even if it’s a little scarce on the historical details! Up until now, she’s managed to wriggle out of the annual celebration, but this year she’s been conscripted to nurse the wounded Yankee soldiers. When teenage crush Gavin Black arrives on a stretcher, she has to get him out of his Civil War soldier costume in order to administer her special treatment. History is starting to look up.

Heat It Up by Shashauna P Thomas: Most people were put off buying the apartment because of its close proximity to the fire station, but for her, it was the perfect opportunity to indulge her ultimate fantasy. Firemen do it for her every time, but no other at the station gets her fired up more than strong, silent type Mark in or out of his kit. When he offers to give her a private tour of the station, who is she to refuse? Things are about to get hot!

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Bittersweet by Alyssa TunerBittersweet by Alyssa Turner

An intimate tale of love, sex and loss.

What happens when the line between love and despair is blurred? Sabrina must find out if she has room in her heart for both. Her devoted, disabled husband has planned a Valentine’s Day to remember. Her biggest surprise – that unrestrained passion can heal her deepest wound. If Sabrina can let ecstasy wash away her pain, she will have been given the most valuable Valentine’s gift of all: a love that endures through eternity.

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associationsAssociations with stories by Elizabeth Cage, Landon Dixon, and others.

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

Associations by Astrid L: Alain promised to make the evening special for her and she wasn’t disappointed. It’s St Valentine’s Day in Paris and there’s a new game in town.

Charity by Elizabeth Cage: They were strangers on a train. Was she really going to lift her skirt for him just because he had told her to? Rachel couldn’t remember the last time she had had so much fun.

Amour Noir by Landon Dixon: The sign in the window said “Man Wanted” and he was just what she was looking for. But who was she? She was a different woman every night. There were three of them on the fantasy rollercoaster – who would be the first to jump off?

B & E, & B by Lynn Lake: When Melissa came home to find an intruder in her apartment she took matters into her own hands. She got way more than she bargained for but was still left wanting more. She couldn’t wait for her cat burglar to come back.

No Surrender by J. Carron: He said that he’d never surrender, but when he was on the floor at her feet, with a gun pointing at him what choice did he have? She knew exactly what she wanted and he was in no position to say no.

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Cherry StrudelCherry Strudel with stories by Kitti Bernetti and others

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

Cherry Strudel by Astrid L: Bruno knew what it took to make the perfect cherry strudel and he would teach Lucia everything that he knew. He took her through each stage, making sure that she got it right, even down to demonstrating the kneading motion on her. He promised Lucia that she could taste it when it was finished – but she couldn’t wait that long..

On Your Marks by Phoebe Grafton: It was another boring Saturday night and she is left with just one thought in her mind. Surely there has to be more to life than this. She soon finds that there is and it involves pirates, rugged captains and sex on the high seas. It will be a Saturday night to remember.

Mail Order Bride by Kitti Bernetti: Henry was a collector of beautiful objects and Serena was the most beautiful thing he possessed. He was a man with a huge sexual appetite and she was always willing to fulfil his every need. She never refused him and was always eager for more. She couldn’t have been more perfect if he’d picked her out of a catalogue.

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9781908006080_FCStriptease with stories by Carmel Lockyer and others

Striptease by Carmel Lockyer: She wasn’t impressed by the kissogram and knew that she could do better. She loved men looking at her naked body so working as a stripper was right up her street. And it wasn’t just the guys that were lusting after her.

Marital Aids by Lynn Lake: Marianne knew exactly what Kate was going through – she had been through it herself. When she showed Kate what had cured the problem for her Kate thought that it might work for her too. Jim had been a bad boy and he deserved to be punished.

A Club for Discerning Young Gentlemen by David Harvie: With her body wrapped inside a shiny crimson dressing gown Ellie was an expert in her field. Plenty had paid for the service she provided and Wes would say that she was worth every penny. Would Niall be brave enough to take her on?

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Blame It On The ChampagneBlame It on the Champagne with stories by Gwen Masters and others

Blame it on the Champagne by Gwen Masters: She didn’t fall for him – she fell on him – literally. They were both wet from the champagne that she’d tossed over them but by the time they’d finished in the Ladies Room they’d both be a lot wetter.

The Hotel Room by Dianne Cross: It wasn’t like Mark to be late. He enjoyed the sessions in the hotel room with Alexa as much as she did. They forgot about their every day lives inside the hotel room. What happened in there was separate from the real world. It was all about the sex.

Playing to the Camera by Stephen Albrow: She knew that Big brother was watching and she was determined to give him something to watch. Out there on the High Street with the CCTV trained on her she performed for the camera and the guy that would be watching it. If she was lucky, she might even get the reaction she wanted.

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A Little Bit of LuxuryA Little Bit of Luxury with stories by Kitti Bernetti and others

A Little Bit Of Luxury by Kitti Bernetti: She likes things new and beautiful and the more luxurious the better. This just built, luxury, penthouse flat is the ultimate treat. The bed is pristine, with a soft fur cover that is too enticing for her to resist, it’s time to enjoy a little luxury

Dancing For Women by Stephen Albrow: There’s a new challenge for stripogram Lucy. She’s never danced for women before and it’s making her nervous. But when the music starts and the show begins she quickly finds that’s it’s a lot more satisfying than her normal audience.

Plain Jane by J. Carron: A pill that makes you irresistible to men? Could it possibly be real? When you’re a Plain Jane who’s been missing out on all the male attention it’s got to be worth a try. Armed with a pack of the little blue pills and a bit of hope our Plain Jane is hoping to changing her life.

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Call GirlCall Girl with stories by Landon Dixon and others

Call Girl by Landon Dixon: Welcome to the high pressure world of the call centre. Little cubicles full of stress and way too much work for way too little pay. Of course there are some perks to the job, and when sexy young Vicky starts on the night shift it’s soon more than just the customers who are getting excellent hands-on service.

A Rank Outsider by Phoebe Grafton: Janet is used to being the pretty one and getting all the male attention. All that‘s about to change when a holiday cruise to the Aegean turns out to be a life changing experience for her not so attractive best friend

A Sculptor’s Touch by Roger Frank Selby: Nude modelling wasn’t new to Angela, but a blind artist was. She was nervous, but his sculptures really were wonderful and he promised her that in his hands she would be the most beautiful woman on the planet.

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